i hope you know, you’ll always be the life of the party

the TTHM has left the building. i tried to con him into coming tomorrow at 11 p.m. to bring me some coffee. i don’t think i was too persuasive. damnit. but i tried. it’s weird because i feel like there is some sort of outside pressure, some weird force that makes me feel as though i have to figure out where everything’s going with him. and i feel like i’m rebelling against this weird outside force (which is probably just some hidden facet of my personality) by just enjoying it as it goes along. there’s gobs of junk between us that would probably scare the average human. with two people who are so tall, the emotional baggage is astronomical — we need large suitcases because our legs are so long.

it’s all so very weird and i’m gonna save it for tomorrow. and does it really matter that it’s all so very weird as long as i keep smiling when i think about him? when i’m with him? when i talk to him? shouldn’t that be all that matters?

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