i drove my car in the middle of the night, i just wanted to see you so bad

so i’m all cute here with my purpley red hair and a sassy little red tank top and you know what, i’m getting no lovin’. i need some lovin’. lavish me with affection!

the TTHM did tell me my new ‘do was swanky– probably because he’s on the endangered crush list. i told him he’s lucky he’s the enduring crush and not the man formerly known as the crush.

yes, my crush-wielding is cold and cruel.

and yes, i still have crush on supersecret crushboy. it’s so, so very pathetic. i remind myself of 16-year-old jodi and how she loved tim remme from afar, even though he did look more than a lot like alice the goon.

in other news i decided like monday it was a good idea just not to eat dinner anymore. mostly because i didn’t want to go grocery shopping. i have, however, changed my mind because when you don’t eat dinner you wake up like at 5:30 in the morning fucking starving your ass off. so tonight i will go grocery shopping.

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  1. Jenna 04.Sep.03 at 10:48 am

    You remind me of a 16 year old too, but in a cute, good way. I love to read your blog and get your perspective on things I’m already thinking about. An example, you say? The Rescue Fantasies. I married while I was in college. I was brought up knowing I would go to college, but all the skills I was honing were man-catching skills and wifing skills. My parents knew I was somewhat smart for a girl, so I wasn’t discouraged from going to college, but it was always treated as a plan-B. In case I didn’t get married and needed a job. I was going to show them, I was going to be successful and ha-ha not get married at all. And then it all changed. So it’s interesting to see your side of things.


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