poor baby

i’m having a rough day again. work is kicking my ass and i’m turning into a big baby. i’m the only copywriter we have, i write lots and lots of copy. plus newsletters, tutorials, books — i write most everything that comes out of this company short of personal e-mails, and sometimes i even get roped into doing that.

and really, i’m hard worker, i don’t mind it so much. just sometimes, sometimes i can’t take it all. i can’t just keep giving and giving and givng. sometimes i need some props. i need someone to pat me on the head and say “good job jodi!” “thank you.”

and when i go for so long without getting that, it makes me want to cry. and then it all just tumbles over everyother part of my life where i feel like nobody appreciates me and i don’t matter and nobody sees how good i am or could be if they only noticed.

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  1. Keith 04.Feb.04 at 6:57 pm

    Good job Jodi.
    Thank you.

    Maybe it doesn’t work so well if I’m not there to pat you on the head at the same time.

    You really need a good pat on the head.

  2. NBFB 04.Feb.04 at 7:34 pm

    You know I write a bunch of crap no one cares about either, just like you.

    You know.

    You know it probably doesn’t bother me as much as it does you sometimes.

    But I still know.

    And I hope that you know what I mean. Because I hope that will make you feel better.

    You’re not alone.

    You know?