calling off new year’s

ok, this damn day has got me down and depressed. i just hate new year’s eve with a passion. i hate the pressure to do something cool and to do it with someone cool. i hate that i don’t have anything cool to do or anyone to do it with. i hate that when i leave sister #3’s house tonight i will be the only one who has to face an empty house. i hate that there is nobody to kiss at midnight. i hate it all.

i always have.

i’m 31, that’s 31 new year’s eves. i’ve only ever, in my entire life been kissed at midnight once, and it was by a bisexual woman i worked at an AIDS project with, so i’m not even sure that counts.

in any event, in honor of st. paul westerberg’s birthday, i think we should stop this new year’s hoo-ha nonsense, and celebrate the paul way. . .get drunk by yourself and write beautiful stuff full of longing and heartache.

i think that’s what i’ll do.

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  1. wendy 31.Dec.03 at 4:19 pm

    ya know, if you were reeeeally hard up for something to do or some people to hang out with, i think i could give the location of a place to hang out… minus the bisexual women that work at AIDS projects, though.

  2. Keith 31.Dec.03 at 4:31 pm

    I’ve spent a few New Year’s Eves alone, so I know partially what you mean. Maybe the flip side of the loneliness is the contemplation that “being alone” allows. If I was there tonight I’d kiss you right on the lips, first, for adding me to your good taste club, and second, because . . . well, just because. Besides, who needs reasons for kissing?

    And I’m not even a bi-sexual woman.

  3. UH 31.Dec.03 at 7:58 pm

    Well, I’m thirty-*mumble* years old, and I’ve never done anything remotely cool on New Year’s Eve either. To me, New Year’s Eve just means I get to take an extra day off of work.

    I suppose that’s reason enough to celebrate a little, isn’t it?

    *toasts jodi’s health, gulps drink*