it’s the place that i like best

my best friendboy does not care for st. paul westerberg or the replacements. as you can imagine this adds lots of tension to our relationship. mostly because i have to constantly question how i can like someone with such an obvious lack of taste. i mean, really.

anyway, the NBFB also does not care for the city of minneapolis. he thinks it’s a toilet.

so here i am sitting at my desk avoiding the press releases (only one more left to finalize, yay!) and listening to the new Grandpaboy [for those of you not in the know that’s westerberg’s alter-ego] and the first song is called MPLS [which for those of you not in the know is the abbreviation for minneapolis]. so i’m listening to westerberg sing “the place that i like very best is M-P-L-S.” and mostly giggling about just how very much jeff would hate this.


in other news, the quote of day from wondergeekjohn after stumbling and kicking his cube wall.

“are you mad? trying to tear the place down,” i said.
“no, i’ve only been here a half hour. i figure i won’t be a seething ball of rage until 10.”

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  1. ac 22.Oct.03 at 1:15 pm

    bah! I got all excited thinking that it was going to be a geek song — MPLS is Multiprotocol Label Switching to me. *sigh*