so long spidey

i finally remembered to put a new checkbook in my purse. i’ve been without checks for longer than i can remember. i don’t really write out a lot of checks so it’s not a huge emergency, but it’s just nice to have them.

while replacing the checks i noticed i am down to my last book. time to re-order. but here’s the dilemma– i don’t want spiderman checks again. i’ve had them for like 3 years. i’m a little sick of the hulk and wolverine. i wanted to get the superman/batman/wonderwoman/electricityman checks, but it seems they’ve stopped making them.

this blows mightily.

i am a firm believer in checks as a form of self-expression. sadly, none of the check designs available express me. i think i’m gonna end up going with the universal monsters series featuring dracula, frankenstein, the wolfman and some other monster i can’t think of.

i’d do the precious moments checks or the adorable anne geddes baby series, but i don’t think anyone would understand the irony and they’d just think i was the type of person who dug that crap.

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  1. dainec 11.Aug.03 at 3:04 pm

    I have special checks, too. (Ordered from Probably not as fun as yours, though!

  2. Dana 12.Aug.03 at 6:02 pm

    I just discovered that some online check companies are really in business to get your contact info so you can be bombarded with directed junk mail and spam and phonecalls and visitors and invasive medical procedures and pointed phonecalls from your mom asking if you’re ever going to give her grandchildren and stripagrams from “distinguished unaccredited universites”! Really, I’m not lyin’.

    Read the privacy policy and see if they swear never to sell your info or if they promise to abide by the posted rules of selling you to only companies that promise and cross their heart first.