my own sort of fairy tale

last night i had a dream where i created my own weird fairy-tale land.

it seems some co-workers and i were having a meeting at a restaurant called Open Book. it ruled. the restaurant was part bookstore, part poetry reading, part well, restaurant– but it was in this strange modern-day sort of fairytale castle. it was a huge building, but only served a very few people at a time– most of them regulars.

the staff was super friendly, and i was there with four of my favorite co-workers. we were just having a blast, and i kept trying to con my friends into playing the “read this read this” game with me, but they wouldn’t. as our delicious looking food arrived, so did the bossman– i’m not sure why he was there.

we ate our food with glee and i thought to myself “i have to bring the TTHM here.” then the kitchen staff came out to meet us. one of the chefs was perhaps the most beautiful men i had ever seen. he sat next to me and i chatted and chatted away with him.

then one of the book boys came over and said the staff liked us so much they wanted to take a picture with us. so the beautiful chef took my hand and lead the way. only this was like an enchanted castle with weird stairways and doors hidden everywhere.

we took one stairway that overlooked a courtyard, but the stairway just ended. you couldn’t go down anymore and there wasn’t a door. so the chef and i chatted and chatted.

eventually my co-workers in the courtyard spotted us and hollered for us to come down. we tried a few other stairways and evenutally made it to the picture taking area.

pictures were taken and it was time for us to leave. i, of course, didn’t want to leave. i wanted to move in. i got stuck talking to the beautiful chef and the cute book boy as co-workers left. before maria got into her car, she came over and whispered in my ear:

“whose phone number are you going to get? paul or dan’s?”
“what? neither,” i said.
“they’ll be disappointed if you leave and they don’t get a number.”

i just giggled and said goodbye.

eventually, i had to leave. i asked for the easiest way to get home. and one of the women who worked there told me to go to some gas station and they could help me. “surely they know you by name there.” that’s when i had to break the news to her that i didn’t live around here, but far away in prior lake.

she was stunned and told me the nearest highway. i said goodbye to the beautiful chef and the cute bookboy and left. as i got to ruby, i noticed i was blocked in. i went back to the restaurant and asked someone to move the truck that was blocking me in.

a giant ogre of a man came out and said he’d move the truck only if i gave him my phone number. i did.

then as i was driving away i thought to myself, “i’m totally bringing the TTHM here.”

any ideas on what all that could mean?

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  1. heather 28.Aug.03 at 10:21 am

    you ate too many cheese curds at the fair yesterday?

  2. Bonny 28.Aug.03 at 11:26 am

    Rooms represent aspects of your psyche. A “new room” then would symbolize something new you recognize (or don’t) about yourself. The stairways are the means to that recognition. I interpret them leading to solid walls being a symbol of some kind of frustration, but eventually you get there. Good work, Jodes.

    Now, where are the Fair fotos?

  3. Thomas 28.Aug.03 at 11:40 am

    Sounds like a really fun dream. I’m not even going to spoil it with one of my infamous babbling interpretations; You like good food, fun places, and cute boys.

    The only thing I could mention is that through it all, you wanted to take TTHM there. Kinda shows you have a great big crush on the man, not that that’s bad…