i’m always the last to know

when i saw the City Pages: The Next Battle in the Newspaper Wars, i made a mental note to go back and read the story. i am fascinated by the newspaper wars, and the fact that the twin cities are still a two paper town. of course, this fascination make perfect sense, since i’m the nerdgirl who remembers when the minneapolis star merged with the minneapolis tribune. but, since i have a crush and i need to spend time daydreaming, i promptly forgot about the article.

until, this morning. while driving in this morning, KS95 had Kirk Anderson on. apparently knight-ridder saw fit to oust kirk because the 18-25% profit margin just wasn’t quite enough for the shareholders. apparently having a local editorial cartoonist isn’t important to the hometown paper. it all sickens me. i am OUTRAGED that the Pi-Press let him go. i’ve loved kirk since he was drawing for the onion way back in the day before the onion was a dotcom phenom.

it just saddens me that the newspaper business has become more business and less newspaper. and it makes me a little happy that i got before my soul was completely destroyed.

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  1. Jeff 29.Jul.03 at 12:11 pm

    The local media in this town pretty much sucks from any angle. Both major papers, the TV news, radio… It all blows if you ask me.

    And, my email at the office just crapped out on me. I’m not sure what happened. Have no fear, “second level support has been notified” and I have a “problem number”. It’s 928486 in case you’re wondering.

    Bottom line, no email from me until they fix it. At least not from the office anyway.