the meaning of me

i got this from susan. Jodi means:
meaning: praised one of judah
motivation: someone who is their own person
character: trustworthy and faithful
feelings: needs to be needed
intelligence: known for their inventivenes
spirtual: reveals a sense of awareness
nature: someone who is friendly and outgoing
inherent: noted for their steadfastness

and Jodi-Ann (which is my first and middle names, sans the hyphen– no hyphening for me)
meaning: combination of Jodie & Anne (there are no Es for me either) [Ann means graceful]
motivation: has sense of purpose
character: known for their self control {ed. note: snort!}
feelings: an emotional person
intelligence: known for their inventivenes
spirtual: has faith in their beliefs
nature: enjoys having a good time
inherent: shows qualities of a nimble mind

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