1.2 million

as i lay on the bed crying, brushing paco away from my face, i began to wonder. i had spent the past hour listening to the last hour of the KS95 for kids radiothon. am i the only one who hears these stories and bawls their fool head off? do other people cry with that mixture of sadness and helplessness and never-ending gratitude that the kids in their life are happy and healthy?

then as i lay there crying, i hear the grand total. over 1.2 million dollars. they raised over a million dollars in four days. and that number alone makes me realize that i’m not the only one who is so moved. next year, i vow to do more than money. i want to volunteer. now i just have to find out how.

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  1. Kevin 09.Mar.03 at 8:04 pm

    If it’s like any of the telethon-type things I’ve been involved with, they always need people to answer phones, file pledges and bring/serve food. It’s a lot of fun in most cases (people call you because they want to do a good deed, doesn’t get better than that). I’m assuming it’s a radio station – call them and ask how you can help out. There may be things they need after the telethon ends.


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