the one where i play the word nazi

“are you sick of my yet,” i asked as i approached her cube for about 294th time that day.
“yes, now what do you want?” she said.
“is it ok if we say compositional here, because compositing isn’t a word.”
“it isn’t?”
“can we make it one?”
“umm, no. also composite isn’t a verb.”
“can we make it one.”
“no, we aren’t going to invent any words today.”
“but we’re marketing, that’s what we do.”
“still no.”

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  1. UH 30.Dec.02 at 8:54 pm

    I thought that said “composting“, and that made me think of the ComposTumbler, which would be the world’s worst product to try to market.

    Then I read it again and realized my eyesight sucks.

  2. Jeff 31.Dec.02 at 6:23 am

    That is dang funny. Marketing… Can’t live with ’em.
    I’m done.


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