how sad

i’m still tuning in to the Wellstone memorial and they’ve got this guy, rick kahn, i believe giving his little speech. the speech was supposed to be a eulogy of sorts for senator wellstone– at least that’s what i thought.

instead it’s turn into a rallying campaign sort of speech and the whole time i’m listening the only thing i can think of is that the democrats got like this 3 hour FREE primetime tv ad.

he keeps repeating “we need to win this election for paul wellstone.” and it’s just kind of making me feel a little gross. perhaps because i haven’t been all that politically involved since college– i dunno. but this all seems sort of in bad taste. you know? talking about winning this election for paul wellstone, which really would be all fine and good, but do you really need to do it at the memorial?

which i guess maybe what the family wanted, because wellstone’s sons are the ones who picked the speaker.

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