heaven holds a place for those who pray

Todd and I went out for a late lunch this afternoon. After surviving a 2.5 hour messaging meeting, I needed a bit of a reprieve from softwareland. As we were sitting at Chammps, I noticed people kept looking over my shoulder at the TV. A lot of people. I turned to see on CNN that Paul Wellstone was killed in a Plane Crash.

My eyes immediately teared up and all I wanted to do was call Sister #2. I knew she’d be crushed– more so than most anyone I know. She adored Wellstone. She waited in line for hours at the state fair just to get her picture taken with him. In this time of tragedy, she was the first person I wanted to talk to.

I called her and she’s doing remarkably all right– she had Sister #3 there with her– plus Jodi Hanson, my mom, and I all called to make sure she’s ok– stunning, I know.

It’s devastating. I liked Wellstone, a lot. He was my kind of senator.

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  1. Anonymous 25.Oct.02 at 7:14 pm

    It’s more than sucky.

    I work with both reps and dems on the hill, and all are ego-maniac, power hungry jacks. All are in it for themselves, their ‘legacy’, their power trip, their young intern staffer. Wellstone was different. He was in it for the small people, the ignored people, the poor people (both financially and socially). The people without a PAC, the people who needed a voice on the hill. Congress lost its only real man today. Perhaps in death, more will come to hear his message. That’s the only good that can come of this.


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