for paul! for paul! for paul!

paul and diana are on now talking about the memorial and even they agree that the memorial turned into “an open and blatant liberal rally.”

regardless, paul’s son mark got up to speak and he was so personable and passionate, it was heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. amazing really.

there he was this man who looked so much like his dad telling pesonal happy stories in his thick minnesota accent saying things like “boy i tell ya”
and “dere dey were goin’ at it.” it was just beautiful and he ended by saying, “Dad we’re ok.”

of course that made me bawl my fool head off.

then the good ol’ iowan tom harkin got up and he told of the time he first met paul at some farmer’s rally and how paul had long curly hair and he just got the crowed all riled up and since tom was a senator he had to go last. after it was all over tom told his staff he never wanted to take the podium after paul, and he basically said that following mark was much like following paul. it was really nice.

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