cruel twist

when i checked my mail upon arriving home from the bowling alley last night, i was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find another happy orange slip in my mailbox.


i thought this might be the fates’ way of making up for the fact that when i went yesterday was not helped by the yummilicious postmaster.

with great gobs of glee and sheer giddness, yes i was giddy, i approached the post office helper desk. my glee was somewhat abated by the fact that the postmaster was already helping some old guy find a zip code for Edina. so i had to settle for some other postal wench.

but my spirit did not sink too low, because, after all, there was a package for me. as the postal wench disappeared into the great, mysterious guts of the post office my mind wandered to what fabulous person might have sent me some fabulous something.

the postal wench appeared. wahoo!

she handed me an earthlink dvd case. yes, i had driven to the post office to pick up junk mail.

how cruel is that?

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  1. michelle 26.Oct.02 at 12:48 pm

    that’s just wrong!

  2. Josette 26.Oct.02 at 11:27 pm

    on the other hand, you got to see the scrumpdillyicious postmaster! [this is good]