where are you coming from

cheryl walked by with her arms full of packages– making her daily rounds. she stopped next to my cell and i spied an amazon box. my heart started to beat a little goofy like and i wanted to jump up and down like a little kid. sadly, lisa was sitting next to me and well, that just wouldn’t be professional and all.

“is that for me?” i asked.
“it might be,” cheryl said.
“i hope it’s for me, it’s my birthday in six days!”
“oh?” she said, “six days, well in that case i’m taking it back to my office and i’ll bring it back in six days.”

lisa watched on as i tore into the box with mad glee.

“oh rad!”
“what is it she asked?”
“a spiderman action figure.”

that’s when shawn peaked his head around the cell wall.

“a what?”
“look,” i said thrusting the package out in front of me. “spiderman.”

lisa and shawn watched as i tore open the package. i tried unsuccessfully to attach the gargoyle thing to the c-clamp. after five or six tries, i gave up.

“it’s broken!”
“give it here,” shawn said.

i handed spidey over to shawn and then didn’t get to touch him for about 30 minutes, i just listend to shawn go on about spidey.

“look he has 26 movable joints!”
“oh wait, it’s 30 joints!”
“ok now where should i put it?”
“this, this is the classic spiderman pose.”

in the meantime lisa pulled something else out of the amazon box.

“look, it’s the nanny diaries.”
“shut up!” i said grabbing the book from her hands.
“someone really likes you.”
“of course they do, i am jodi chromey super genius!”
“why? why do i talk to you.”
“because i am. . .”
“yeah, yeah i know.”
“i love my birthday!”

eventually i had to shoo james and shawn out of my cell, i had to get some work done. i figured letting them play with spidey (who is hanging clinging upside down to the bottom of my shelf) for 20 minutes was more than generous enough.

this scene brought to you by the ever lovely, and supha swank heather. she is the best!

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  1. Goddess 31.May.02 at 12:01 pm

    That is so cool!!! What a sweetie!

  2. alan 31.May.02 at 4:06 pm

    cool beans!! i gotta get me a spidey action figure…