hip, hip

joe was just over at my desk flipping through the latest issue of the rake. apparently he stumbled upon an ad for someone named chris whitley.

“oh here’s one of those guys you might like.”
“chris whitley.”
“not a clue.”
“oh he’s a scrawny geeky guy, you’d love. had a pseudohit awhile ago.”
“you know, i’m kind of offended by the way you said, ‘one of those guys you might like.'”
“actually, i think he might land in that place where we overlap.”
“i just don’t understand you joe, how can you hate weezer so?”
“because they try too hard. they are trying too hard to be whimsical and clever and it’s just not working for them.”
“but weezer’s wonderful!”
“i’m sorry they are just the kings of what i hate. number two is moby and our lady peace too.”
“well, i can’t vouch for the rest of them. but i love weezer.”
“you’re just one of those hip too cool for school kids.”
“ha! i’m hip.”

at that point he walked away and i shouted after him. . . “apparently you have some unresolved high school issues!”

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  1. james 14.May.02 at 2:29 pm


    Chris Whitley is amazing! Go get “Living with the Law.” It’s a masterpeice.

    And live? Stunning.

    Can’t say enough good stuff about the guy.

  2. MadScientist 14.May.02 at 5:18 pm

    I like “Living with the law,” too. But the rest of his stuff has a seriously countryish twang to it — steel guitar and all.