el cobarde del condado

my coward of the county obsession, spilled into the night. i had a wretched dream that the gatlin boys came calling and they were trying to get into my bedroom window. i could see them peeking through the curtains. it was one of those dream moments where you are so terrified that you can’t scream no matter how hard you try.

now, i’m convinced that i really, really need to see the coward of the county movie. also i keep reading mrs. pixie’s little explanation on how coward of the county defined her coming of age. it’s wonderful!

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  1. pixie 20.Apr.02 at 5:32 pm

    Jodi, I feel totally famous now.

    I was listening to The Gambler this morning while I did journalish spring cleaning. Suddenly! inspiration struck. My journal has needed a name (other than the oh so dull “Pixie”) for a long time. It’s thanks to you (Jodi), Tommy, Tommy’s Daddy, Becky, Ruby (the one who takes her love to town), Reuben James, the son of that coal miner and the four hundred children who took a crap in the field that my journal is now called Know What To Keep.

    I feel satisfied with this. Satisfied and famous all in one day, thanks to iwilldare!

  2. Wes 23.Apr.02 at 10:05 am

    Question: “Ruby, don’t take your love to town.”

    I’ve only heard this in one other place, ever. It is on a recording of 5 percent nation that is not on any commercially released Soul Coughing CD.

    So my question is, what else is this a reference to, if anything?