worry never payed a bill

i got a call from a headhunter today. ironic that on the night i worry i may lose my job, i get such a call. i didn’t get to speak to the headhunter, he just left a message.

hopefully, i’ll have no need for the headhunter. i suppose that will be determined tomorrow.

the offending post is gone. i deleted it. my feelings of wretchedness over hurting someone outweighed my opposition to revisionist history.

plus, i like my job.

weird. when threatened with a lawsuit, i wouldn’t back down. when threatened with continuing hurting someone, i fold.

i think maybe i should be proud of that.

i’m hoping my coworker will forgive me. i plan to talk to her tomorrow, clear the air, make amends.

perhaps maybe something good can come of this and maybe i can take a lesson from her book, and be a bit more confrontational and not hide behind a minnesota nice facade.

i wish i could stop thinking about it, stop my stomach from rolling, but i can’t. i can only wait until tomorrow.

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