my achin’ neck

i’m in some serious pain today. it totally stinks too, being in pain on rufusday. it’s sorta like being sick on your birthday, only stinkier.

it’s my fault i’m in pain. i hurt my neck. to turn my head to the left causes pain to shoot up from my right shoulder blade up to the base of my skull. of course, i have to keep testing this by constantly turning my head to the left. see, i don’t want tht pain to disappear without my noticing it. sadly, after 836 turns to the left the pain is still there.

the neck-hurting accident happened this morning. it sucked too because as soon as it happened i knew i’d be in a world of hurt.

it was sorta chilly this morning and i really, really didn’t want to get out of bed, but my bladder had other ideas. so as soon as i was done taking care of business i decided it would be a good idea to hop back into bed for a little bit, just to warm up.

i was so excited about the prospect of climbing back into all that warm, huggy flannel that i really did hop into bed. as i crashed into the pillows i felt something go not quite right and then there was a shooting pain and i fell on my back grabbing my right shoulder.

i thought i might have dislocated it. it hurt super bad. eventually the pain subsided and all the joy of getting back into bed had quickly dissipated. i got up to get ready and noticed that while i hadn’t dislocated my shoulder some serious bad juju stuff was happening around the neck area.

hopefully it’ll get better as the day progresses, but i’m not counting on it. if anyone wants to wait for me to arrive home and then rub my neck when i get there, i’ll be your best friend forever.

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