the babysitter’s club

i am in grave danger of getting kicked out of the best babysitters in the whole world club.

at this point, i am not sure if i’ll care. i’m sitting here in parentland babysitting, or would it be kidsitting? maybe pre-teen sitting? my cousins tiffany, 13 and jerry, 11.

here’s what i’ve learned:
the sound of a pinball game is only cool against the backdrop of a cacophonous arcade.
siblings can fight about anything, ANYTHING.
an 11 year old will eat you out of house and home if you let him.
you can yell “be nice” about 1032 times and kids still won’t hear you (or be nice).

i’ve only been here an hour and it feels like 12. jaycie and max will be joining our little soiree in about an hour.

yes, this is the saturday night of a single 29-year-old woman.

pray for me (or more importantly, pray for the kids).

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  1. Elizabeth 29.Dec.01 at 11:40 pm

    LOL that’s so cute! Not to you, of coarse, because you’re the victim! But it’s cute to me because I’m an innocent bystander. =) Ugh, be glad you’re not babysitting a nine-month-old nephew who only wants to crawl, so you can’t hold him unless you consider trying to make him stop wiggle holding him. =) Happy new years, don’t drink too much. =)