these are the days

The wonderfulness of this week apparently knows no bounds. My best friend, Kari, bought a house. I think I might be in denial because that makes her like a full-fledged adult now. Sheís got the house, the husband and the cutest orange-haired baby ever.

Jessica got engaged last night. It was her birthday. We were standing around chit-chatting when Shannon came up to ask her what she got. Jess whipped out her hand and we all screamed, the entire company could tell by our screams that someone got engaged. Yay Jess!

Then there was fan mail, fan mail and more fan mail. All for me! apparently I rule and donít you forget it darling ones. Kariís (the aforementioned best friend) brother sent me a funny wav file to cheer me up. Plus there was not one, but two other fan mails. And, there is an orange haired boy in Ohio who makes me giggle with delight.

Plus, MKH got his halloween present today.

Isnít this a glorious day to be alive?

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