on ruining stuff

I ruin stuff. I ruin stuff all the time because I am careless. Like my new weezer cd. It’s ruined. I spilled diet pepsi all over it and the insert is now all brown and wrinkly. Really, I can’t have nothing nice.

Earlier this week I broke the doohickey that plugged into my nic card on otto. So now my dsl is all wonky. Also, otto is all scratched up. The screen on the digicam is all smeary and last night I knocked over my favorite candleholder. Well actually madison knocked it over, because I was trying to shoe him off the top of the tall bookcase and when he jumped off he knocked over the candleholder and then decided to dart from the back of the bookcase to the front my attempting to leap over the books on the bottom shelf. But, you see, madison isn’t as small as he thinks he is, so he ended up knocking all the books from the bottom shelf onto my foot, it hurt. The fact that he is still alive is a testament to how much I like him (or how lazy I really am). He did get a stern talking to (just because I am practicing for motherhood).

Some people are really good at taking care of stuff. It always amazes me. I often wonder if they just sit around worrying about their stuff. Because generally, I don’t worry about my stuff until I ruin it. I don’t worry about other people ruining or taking my stuff. I never tell people to be careful. I am mostly pretty free about my stuff. ‘sides I am the one who is always ruining it. So my dilemma is, am I just lazy and that’s why I ruin stuff or is it because I really just don’t care about stuff?

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  1. Laural 17.May.01 at 2:31 pm

    Maybe you just aren’t an anal retentive bitch, like some people. :cough:boarding school roommate:cough:

  2. jodi 17.May.01 at 2:43 pm

    that very well could be.

  3. paige 17.May.01 at 3:38 pm

    I take decent care of my things, but am not anal retentive. My sister is much more meticulous than I am. Occasionally I will ruin something, or at least damage it, and I think it just serves as a reminder that it’s just STUFF. Stuff that, in the grand scheme of things, won’t directly affect your life forever. Stuff doesn’t last.

  4. Skattieboy 17.May.01 at 5:08 pm

    Remind me never to invite any of YOU over. You’d give me hypertension, I swear,

  5. Greg 18.May.01 at 11:45 pm

    i think some people really do worry about their stuff 24/7. to me, stuff is just stuff. to be used but not worried about.

    thanks for the update on otto by the way.


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