i am enamoured with the new short hair cut. i can’t stop touching it. i love when it’s short and sticky-outty and fun to touch. it makes me feel so damn sassy. sometimes i wish i had long hair, but i remember that when my hair is long all i do is throw it in a ponytail, what fun is that? plus, i really have a thing for messy westerberg hair. it’s great fun.

i am thinking i will soon need to perform an assectomy on the couch. it will be a difficult procedure, but i am sure my couch and the ass can be seperated successfully.

tonight i’ve got to work a party at the bowling alley. why do i volunteer to do such things? working at the bowling alley is the last thing i want to do on this bright sunshiney day. i am pondering bringing moutains of laundry over to mom and pop’s to do some serious laundry. blech. i hate when i am boring and uninspired.

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  1. Tyson 28.Apr.01 at 2:15 pm

    I cut all my hair off for the same reason. I love it, though it’s sorta boring looking like a normal guy now. Oh well.

    PS. Swanky alphabetization.