barbie. . . she’s the

barbie. . . she’s the cure for what ails you.

still no news on the job front. i spent the day conducting an off-site training. it wasn’t so stressful, but enough that i needed to unwind. so i ventured to sister #2’s house. yes, jaycie and max. they always know how to set things right in the world. i sat on the floor and played barbies for an hour. it was a blast. i’ve always loved barbie. it’s fun playing with jaycie. you have to talk barbie in a high, high voice and pretend to be a dixie chick. i am not too hip on the dixie chicks, so i basically have to follow her lead. from what i understand the song goes a bit like this, “fee fi foe, you’re going down with me, going down with me baby fee fi foe.” you just have to sing that over and over again. that’s how you make the barbies be the dixie chicks. we also went to the mall to buy beautiful dresses for the ball. at the mall the barbies had many, many fights over which gown they were to wear. the fights usually ended with me saying, “you stink.” then jaycie’s barbie would fake cry and go to her room. then i have to go to the room (which is located under the tea table) and say, “i’m sorry i hurt your feelings.” it really is great fun.

we also played little bear’s matching game (max won), candyland (sister #2 won) and mean one/sad girl. mean one/sad girl is my favorite of games. basically you have to point your finger at jaycie and say, “mean, mean, mean” and then jaycie throws her hand over her eyes, lays her head on the floor and weeps into her arms. then she sits up and wipes her eyes. i always have to be the mean one and she always gets to be the sad girl. she got this game from cinderella. she likes to play cinderella.

max, had no interest in playing barbies. though i did invite him to play. he was much too busy counting crayons. but when arthur came on, he crawled into my lap and we watched arthur together. we also read “ottie and the star” and “the gingerbread man” 4 times in a row. wow. what a day! i think my regression into childhood has come full-circle. but you know what? tonight i feel content and wonderfully tired. i don’t think sleeping is going to be a hassle and that’s a refreshing change of pace.

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