yay! my hair is back

yay! my hair is back to it’s sassy westerbergian messiness. it was getting really sorta long and icky. i love getting my hair cut. i used to hate it because the haircutter girls were so damn mean. going to get my hair cut was like going to confession. “it’s been 8 weeks since my last haircut. forgive me haircutter girl for i have sinned. i’ve colored my hair with stuff i bought in the store. i use pantene. i am a wretch!” but now, i gots mary. mary is a saint and she’s nice to me. i love her.

so yeah, i am all cute and nice haired and the only people who get to enjoy it me. the cats didn’t even notice. it’s blizzarding out here and it’s too slick out to drive. they closed the office at 3:30, because it’s so damn snowy. why do i live in this godforsaken state?

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