why is it when people

why is it when people see you reading a book they automatically assume you are studying? the men at the bowling alley were dumbfounded to discover that i read for entertainment, to relax, for the pure joy of reading. they could not believe i was not “studying for college.” as if i ever studied when i was in college. “out of college 5 years?” one of them said, “but you can’t be more’n 23.” i wanted to tongue kiss that geezer. prolly would have made his night.

for as much as i whine about it, i really do love working at my parents’ bowling alley. i love to watch the men interact. they fascinate me. i love men. it’s funny how all the men act the same. the age ranges from Jake, who is 20 to ol’ ralphie who is 70+ years old. maybe it has something to do with the doofy shoes. when they put on them shoes they all get into some locker-room mindset. the dirty jokes, the name-calling, the backslapping and high-fiving– it’s great. i will take better notes on friday, to see if i can’t express what i see better.

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