super-important hollywood agentgirl

so i got a cell phone today. actually i bought it yesterday, but i got it today. ups next day air is just no fun at all. i didn’t even get to track the package at all. it was here before i could even get a tracking number. not fun!

with the phone i feel like super-important hollywood agentgirl.

i need some people now. so i can say, “hang on, let me call my people.” “i need to check in with my people.” “got a big deal brewing, i am waiting to hear from my people.”

i got no people.


the only person i have called so far is kari. she lives about three cubes away from me at work. i know, it’s lame. but i had to call someone. she was amused and so was i. that’s all that matters, right?

maybe the cell phone is a bit pretentious. but when you have a car like clyde, it’s really a necessary evil.

but i still need people.

i am taking people applications now.

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