Today’s episode brought to you by the letter M, the letter F, and a few other ones too

It can never be a good sign when your response to most everything, on any given day, is Motherfuck! Followed by an I-oughta-had-a-V8 forehead slap. That’s exactly how we’re rolling here at Supergenius HQ today. Matters have not been helped by the fact that I only recently realized that it was not Tuesday but only Monday.

It all started with an impromptu BBQ at Sister #2’s that turned into a seven-hour wine-guzzling marathon featuring BFK and Atom. My head is still a little pissed off at me and my body is not much of a fan either. But I had a lot of fun talking about things that haven’t been talked about and should have. Plus there was laughter and pom-poms and homemade dumbwaiters and explaining to Max that yes, yes, I do know everything.

So there’s a hangover happening that has yet to abide the coffee and greasy breakfast solution and is now hanging tough against the drown it in water solution. Next we’re gonna try the loud rock and roll and sweating solution. If that doesn’t work, we’re gonna take a nap.

P.S. Christa wrote a great review for MN Reads today. Woo to the hoo.

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