an auspicious start

last night i was in somewhat of a panic. here it was the 11th day of january and i hadn’t even gotten the slightest start on my new year’s resolution. last night i was thinking about doing a last minute resolution revision, instead of something concrete like 12 short stories in a year, i’d say something unspecific like “Write More Stuff.” because really who can judge that?

but instead of being the wonderweenie, i came home from work and fired up ol’ Word and set to work. i got about 750 words. which isn’t too shabby, but not as good as i could have done. but it’s a start, which is much more than i had yesterday.

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  1. Scott McGerik 14.Jan.04 at 4:43 pm

    “not as good as i could have done”

    Sheesh you beat yourself up! Here you are doing what you want to do, namely, write, but instead of being satisfied with the doing of what you like, you punish yourself because of some vague nothingness called an expectation.

    What did you write about?


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