the more you use it, the more it holds

i’ve gotten quite a few compliments on my hair lately. most people just assume i got it cut or something and ask me about. of course i have to make a grumpyface when asked this question, because i haven’t had it cut since like march. see, i’ve stopped “doing” my hair. i just mystery spooj it, finger it and go.

yesterday, when maria complimented me she got the super grumpyface.

“what?” she asked.
“i didn’t even wash it today,” i said.
“you know, shannon said the same thing about her hair. her hairdresser told her to only wash it every other day.”
“yeah, mine did too. she said it’s better for your hair.”
“i can’t do that,” she said. “it’s too messy in the morning.”
“oh yeah,” i said nodding my head in agreement, “i get horrific bedhead, but i just wet it down and run my fingers through it and go.”
“you can get away with that,” she said. “you’ve got that cute, messy thing going on.”

that’s when i tongue kissed her right before the meeting. ok, i didn’t, but i thought about it.

the secret’s in the mystery spooj. if every short-haired person used mystery spooj, they too would hav cute messy westerberg hair.

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