can i make it anymore obvious?

“are you watching the grammys?” sister #2 asked as soon as i answered the phone.
“no,” i said, “i didn’t even know they were on.”
“you, the queen of all tacky award shows aren’t watching the grammys?”
“i guess not.”
“so, you don’t know why they’re making a big deal out of coldplay and the new york philharmonic, or whoever they are.”
“i thought maybe he was an idiot savant or something and that’s why they were making such a big deal about it.”
“sorry, can’t help you out.”
“you missed simon and garfunkel.”
“yes, they opened the show. i called mom to tell her.”
“sorry, i thought you were watching it.”
“i can’t believe you didn’t call for that.”
“yeah, well paul didn’t look too happy.”
“what did they sing?”
“sounds of silence.”
“sorry. art looked pretty happy. maybe he’s just happy to have a gig.”

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