an invisible sign of my own

and sometimes the book is too good and you have to put it down. it’s like a rich, rich chocolate cake and while you just want to eat it all right up, you must take a break.

the book is so good you’ve been lost for over an hour and haven’t thought of anything but math and axes and knocking on wood. the book is so good you don’t think about being lonely or sad or how this your life and perhaps you are always destined to be ONE. a one who eats over the kitchen sink and comes home from work only to think about work because this is your life and isn’t this mostly what you wanted all along?

and this book so so good, it’s the litearary version of a soul coughing album all the math and short phrases and wonderfulness.

and the book is so good i don’t want it to end. i don’t want to leave ms. mona gray who makes benjamin smith the science teacher say things like, “you inflate my heart.”

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  1. amy 30.Jul.02 at 10:23 pm

    oooh yes, aimee bender is a word genius. she even spells her name the more interesting way. have you read a giant’s house by elizabeth mccracken? you might enjoy that.

  2. jodi 31.Jul.02 at 9:37 am

    i love all three of elizabeth mccracken’s book, ‘specially the book of short stories called “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry.”