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I wasn’t going to go to class tonight. I had a story due and I still seriously considered skipping. I even went so far as to send Vodo, Jags, and Hipster Mom an e-mail proclaiming my wussiness about the impending weather. It had been raining, sleeting, snowing, and thundering in Minnesota all day. I knew that once this shit started to freeze it wasn’t going to be pretty.

But then Hipster Mom had to go and send an e-mail about how she baked cookies. How could I skip? Not only did she write a new story that was due this week, she also baked cookies. Here I was sitting on my ass worrying about if the weather was going to get bad.

Much to the surprise of everyone I made it to class. Of course while we were in class, the weather turned. We left The Loft only to be greeted by sidewalks and roadways coated with a nice mix of slippery slush and ice.

As I was shuffling to Ruby with tiny baby steps (to avoid taking another spill), I met up with Vodo who was making his way to his car.

“See you next week,” I said.
“Dude,” he said. “Drive really, really slow.”
“I will,” I promised. It was only a few hours earlier that I had regaled Vodo with tales of my last bout of driving in inclement weather.

And now, just as I was heading to bed, I picked up my cellphone to find a message sent at 9:39 from Peabo. “Dude,” it started. “Don’t go to Grumpy’s. . . drive super carefully.”

While their concern pleases me, the fact that they both Duded me cracks me up to no end.

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  • Hipster Mom

    11.Apr.08 at 8:47 am

    Dude-I’m glad you made it home. We were sending you good driving vibes from Grumpy’s. I’m glad you made it to class–you are like another Linda–you radiate, but in a different way. You have this I am going to be honest with you and give you some damn good advice to make your story not suck type of vibe when you speak. Everyone listens, then takes notes. It is like you and Vodo balance out the class–a ying and yang of writing instruction. Class wouldn’t be the same without you.

  • Peabo

    11.Apr.08 at 9:23 am

    Dude is my way of expressing total affection and care. I think it’s that way for Vodo too–it’s a way to say “dude, I care but not enough to get all mushy and show actual concern because then you may think I’m A)acting like your mother or B)level jumping on the friendship.

    I love dude. So much so I can’t even italicize it. Dude. And I’m glad you got home safely.


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