Aimless Rambling on a Cold Friday

Right now, Memphis is curled up in the crook of my left arm. It’s 39º outside and I am typing one-fingered. Or, I was, Memphis has moved and joined the other two Kimball Cats upstairs, where it is undoubtedly warmer. I’m going to eat some lunch soon Thai Chicken Wild Rice, I made it last night for CSA Supperclub and now there are leftovers.

My point, to begin with, was to talk about how I’m looking forward to having warm, cuddly cats this winter. I forgot how much I missed that. Also, remind me of this when I’m cursing out Wendell who is obsessed with digging the black ball of yarn I’m using out of the weird yarn bag thing (not to be confused with the yarn cart, which the cats have also taken over).

Time is moving so quickly, and I’ve been vowing to myself every day since October started that I’m gonna get back to blogging on the reg and then each day I am disappointed with myself for not doing it. You’re working a lot, I say. You’re doing and making other things, I say. That is bullshit, and you know it, I say as I add another row to the buffalo plaid blanket I am making while Tyra is on my TV with only one photo in her hand, and that photo represents the one who will still be in the running for America’s Next Top Model.

I spend a lot of time trying to be really mindful of what I’m doing and what I want to do. For instance at 12:30 this afternoon I decided that the one true thing I wanted to do was clean out the cupboard under the kitchen sink. There was cleaning crap under there that Sister #4 bought when she lived here in 2005. So it needed a good cleaning. It felt super accomplished when it was done.

I have so much to say and I don’t make any effort to say it. I’ve managed to practice Spanish for 341 days in a row without missing one single day and yet I never find time to do this thing that brings me so much joy.

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