Day 126 of 200: One About 4th Grade

When I was in fourth grade, Mrs. Reinking gave me a three in the “Reads widely” section of my report card. It was the 80s elementary school equivalent of getting a C in reading. At parent-teacher conferences my dad called bullshit on the grade because he said “you never see her without her nose stuck in a book.”

Mrs. Reinking changed the grade, which is super impressive because age was well-known to be the meanest teacher in all the fourth grade. Mr. Curlee was the cool guy who did a crayfish unit with his class and Mrs. Klugee was the funny teacher. Mrs. Reinking was severe and she ate peanut butter on rice cakes every day for lunch. As a fourth grader that seemed weird, but now I’m sure she was either too busy, too broke, or just didn’t care about lunch.

Also, one time she got really mad st us during the Minnesota history unit because none of us could figure out why the baseball team was called the Twins. It didn’t occur to any of us that it had something to do with the Twin Cities. She did not take kindly to our collective lack of common sense.

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