Day 121 of 200: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked

7. The Quirkducers
Louise: How you doing girl?
Tina: Um, not great. I feel like my soul has diarrhea.

6. Thanks-hoarding
Bob: Gene it’s when you take the backbone out of the turkey and press it flat. It cooks more evenly.
Tina: I thought women had to deal with unfair bodily expectations.

5. Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled
Bob: You only have one bowl.
Gayle: I’m not rich, Bob.

4. An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal
Fischoeder: Just like I’m going to get into Shelby’s parts. Her ladyparts.
Gene: Which are the ladyparts?
Tina: The vagina and the heart.

3. I Bob Your Pardon
Gene: Maybe she meant cider house, that place rules. (John Irving reference)

Tina: This our turkey.
Louise:James Van Der Beak.
Gene: We’re just trying to get him back to his creek. (Dawson’s reference)

2. Turkey in a Can
What’s that sound?
It’s the gravy boat comin’ around
It’s not a Navy boat, it’s the gravy boat
Filled with bravery, savory sailor folk stuff
~ The Gravy Boat song

1. Dawn of the Peck
Definitely a Top 10 best of all-time Bob’s episode.
Bob: Don’t look at me like that, turkey baster! You think I wanted this? This isn’t what I wanted! I never wanted to be apart from you!

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