Day 68 of 200: Pandora’s Box pt. I

Ms. Marquette was my 9th grade English teacher. She was a teeny, tiny woman* who looked like Betty Boop come to life. That is, if Betty dressed like a 1986 9th grade English teacher. Ms. Marquette had big, heavily-lined eyes and a dark curly bob.

She’s easily in the Top 10 all-time favorite teachers, and definitely Top 5 English teachers (I took a lot of English classes during my education. I like books and writing).

She taught us so much — Emily Dickinson and “Romeo & Juliet” and Lord of the Flies and how to properly pronounce the word “melancholy” and the importance of clarity and thoroughness when writing, which she demonstrated by following word-for-word our instructions on how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

And, most importantly, for the purpose of these next two blog posts, Greek mythology.

I fell fast and hard for Greek mythology. I remember writing a myth about how tall people were turned into trees. It wasn’t very good.

My friend Lisa wrote one about how a woman named Dandra was cursed with dandruff for being so proud of her hair. I’m still a little envious.

*She might not have been that tiny, but I was a 6’2″ 9th grader.

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