Day 51 of 200: Autumnal Migratory Habits

Even though I have a lovely desk and a giant monitor upstairs in the loft/office, I work most days from the blue couch in the living room downstairs. Why? Because upstairs is usually kind of warm and stuffy. Also, downstairs is closer to the snacks.

For work I only need Gladys, a notebook, and a pen. This is easy to keep in the living room without junking it up anymore than it already is.

Most of the year I work on the blue couch until I am done working. That’s when I move to the brown couch were I don’t work.

Supergenius HQ is equipped with what I call cathedral ceilings and thus two stories of south-facing windows shine light into my living room. For the most part this is rad, because I only have windows in the front of my townhouse.

However, come September due to the angle of the sun, I have to move to the brown couch in the afternoon. Not just because it’s too hot, but because the sun hits Gladys right in the screen making work impossible.

This makes me cranky, because I’m Michael Scott from “The Office” and I cannot relax where I work.

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