Superbowls I Have Known

This should come as a surprise to exactly no one that football is not my thing. In fact, sports in general are not my thing, except the occasional Olympics (and more the Winter ones than the Summer ones because I like my sports with the looming specter of icy death).

Even growing up football was a thing for my family. We were hockey people. We went to North Star games at the Met Center and watched them on TV. As a child I knew more about icing than touchdowns.

The first Superbowl I remember even being on my radar was the one where the Chicago Bears sang the “Superbowl Shuffle.”

The next Superbowl I remember might have been shortly post-college when the Packers won. I only know this because my Wisconsin born-and-raised brother-in-law is a diehard Cheesehead. He wears the green and gold with great pride in good seasons and in bad.

Mostly, though, I remember the half-time shows or who I spent the Superbowl with.

I remember the year Prince played the half-time. Jaycie, Max, and I spent most of the evening watching the Puppybowl and eating pizza. When the half-time show started I changed the channel and turned it up entirely too loud for their tastes.

If memory serves me I spent the Janet Jackson nipple fiasco bowl at the Town Hall Brewery with the TTHM. I also spent the Tom Petty Superbowl with the TTHM at the Town Hall Brewery. I remember that because he said thirtysomething women had a weird relationship with the song “American Girl.” He was right.

The Bosscocked Bowl was my favorite of all the Superbowls. I think the TTHM might have been here at Supergenius HQ for that one. I don’t quite remember. What I do know is that I spent the entire next day at work watching the Bosscocked video. For real, I watched it about a thousand times that Monday and giggled like a fool. My friend Malmsy is still scarred from the incessant giggling. He told me.

Then there was the awful Black-eyed Peas & The Who years. And I know Madonna was in there. Now Beyonce, who really is stunning though I know none of her music outside of “Single Ladies.”

And those are the Superbowl’s I have known. Also, aside from a few Packers’ victories I have never chosen the winning team ever. So if the Ravens lose tonight, it’s totally my fault.

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  1. Matthew Baiocchi 03.Feb.13 at 11:19 pm

    So now you have chosen the winning team – good on ya!

    1. Jodi 03.Feb.13 at 11:21 pm

      this should be a lesson to us all. . . never bet against Edgar.


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