Educational Aunt Jodi

We were all over at Sister #2’s house for a Labor Day Weekend barbecue, and because Sister #4 was back from South Dakota for the weekend. We were sitting there eating corn on the cob.
“Oh, by the way,” I said. “I taught Jaycie and Max about transsexuals Friday.”
Sister #2 put down her cob. “Why?”
“Because we were watching Project Runway and one of the designers kept saying he was afraid his design might be too tranny.”
She nodded. “What did you say?”
“I said sometimes you might be born a boy but inside you’re a girl, or you’re born a girl but inside you’re a boy. I said sometimes wires get crossed and things don’t come out like you planned.”
“The insides don’t always match the outsides,” she said.
“Yes,” I said. “I told them it was like having curly hair or being gay or tall, it’s just the way you’re born.”
“I love it when you get the tricky ones,” she said.
“I don’t.”

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