Apparently it is Dan Wilson appreciation day

One of the first things I do every morning after watching Dude Weather is check out MNSpeak and see what they’re linking to for the day. Today they linked to Dan Wilson why are you so awesome?. While you will not find the answer to that question, you will find some great pics of the McNally Smith River Rocks Festival that took place this weekend on Harriet Island.

And, for the record, Semisonic rocked the house on Saturday night. Or rather they would have rocked it had we been in a house and not outside enjoying a beautiful late-summer St. Paul night. They were amazing. There are not many things better than sitting on a blanket on a warm night singing along with Dan Wilson to “Singing in My Sleep.”

So a little later when I was reading Jim Walsh’s Monday Morning Playback I saw that he included the video above in his column. This made it clear to me that it is obviously Dan Wilson appreciation day.

This amazing video features Dan Wilson singing “Free Life” at an event during the Republican National Convention. The song is stunning on its own, and this performance is riveting. I love this song not just because it’s beautiful but whenever I hear it I think of the TTHM having to pull off the road because the song moved him to tears.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of Dan Wilson’s music and why he deserves an appreciation day.

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