Post-it Note Morning Songs Part III

What follows is a long laundry list of all the songs that have popped into my head the moment I wake up in the morning for the past month or so. For some reason this fascinates me endlessly. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning singing some song and I won’t even know the name of the song. I’ll have to Google the lyrics to figure out what the hell it is. Also, I find it a bit odd that I don’t have many repeats (except for King Dork). My brain, it fascinates me.

24Jun06: Stay, Lisa Loeb
25Jun06: Minnesota, Pushstars
27Jun06: Wichita Lineman, R.E.M.
28Jun06: Hang on to Your Ego, Beach Boys
29Jun06: Ain’t Done Much, Paul Westerberg
30Jun06: Judy & Her Dream of Horses, Belle & Sebastian
01Jul06: Sister Christian, Night Ranger
02Jul06: My Generation, The Who
09Jul06: Eternal Flame, The Bangles
10Jul06: When Children Cry, White Lion
11Jul06: Dancing Queen, ABBA
12Jul06: Keepaway, Self
13Jul06: Raspberry Beret, Prince
14Jul06: Miracle Drug, AC Newman
15Jul06: Funny Feeling, Material Issue
16Jul06: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, Cake
17Jul06: C’mon, C’mon, Von Bondies
18Jul06: Dead Flower, The Rolling Stones
19Jul06: King Dork, Mr. T Experience
20Jul06: She’s Happy, Gear Daddies
21Jul06: Party’s Crashing Us, Of Montreal
22Jul06: Wrapped up in Books, Belle & Sebastian
23Jul06: Once in a Lifetime, Talking Heads
24Jul06: Bit Part in Your Life, The Lemonheads
25Jul06: We are Family, Sister Sledge
26Jul06: Evie’s Tears, Freedy Johnston
27Jul06: Hips Don’t Life, Shakira
28Jul06: Shady Lane, Pavement
29Jul06: Crocodile Rock, Elton John
30Jul06: They Might be Giants, They Might Be Giants
01Aug06: Lady Writer, Dire Straits
02Aug06: Let’s Get it On, Marvin Gaye
03Aug06: For the Actor, Mates of State
04Aug06: My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors, Moxie Fruvous
05Aug06: King Dork, Mr. T Experience
06Aug06: Harden My Heart, Quarterflash
07Aug06: The Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World, Granddaddy

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  1. wolfdogg 07.Aug.06 at 6:34 pm

    I’m impressed with how varied your morning jukebox is. Pavement, Shakira, and Quarterflash. Nice.

    Mine’s been stuck on You’re The Inspiration for like 4 days. grrrrr.

  2. UH 07.Aug.06 at 7:11 pm

    Is it sad that I only know twelve of those, or is it to be expected?

  3. jodi 07.Aug.06 at 7:26 pm

    Sorry about the Chicago wolfdogg.

    And UH are you just musically out of the loop?

  4. UH 07.Aug.06 at 7:31 pm

    Only since about 1986.

  5. Charles 08.Aug.06 at 8:07 am


  6. zook 08.Aug.06 at 8:41 am

    Quite the array of 80s tunes I see. When’s Sunglasses at Night going to make it’s way on the list?
    **works subliminal magic**

  7. Tam 13.Aug.06 at 7:31 pm


    (I know I’m going to wake up singing King of Spain now…)


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