Coming all the way to work

Yesterday I posted a giant picture of my breasts, so it seems quite appropriate that I can’t seem to stop listening to The Kooks’ Jackie Big Tits today.

So I figured that I might as well just get all the naughtiness right out.

This morning before work, I downloaded the audiobook of Lolita as read by Jeremy Irons.

I’ve probably read the book Lolita a dozen times. I’ve seen the movies a bunch of time, and yet I still downloaded the audiobook. Why? Because I wanted to have the naughty thrill of having Jeremy Irons reading the book to me. I developed a Jeremy Irons fetish back in college when I watched him fuck Juliette Binoche while hanging from a curtain rod in the move “Damage.”


So yeah the audiobook verison of Lolita pretty much plays upon a majority of my fetishes: being read to by an older-than-me man with an accent. Say it with me, yummy.

I warn you now, I will be spending the next two weeks driving to work with a beatific smile on my face and all my girl parts ablaze.

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  1. FFJ 12.Jul.06 at 11:15 am

    i actually bought the audio version of “lolita” as read by jeremy irons for myself last christmas. it was the best present i got.

    i think i listened to it twice. there were times when boo was asleep in the back and i’d be parked in the driveway not wanting to leave the car and mr. irons voice behind.



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