a sad, sad day for the supergenius

i’m having a really hard time keeping it together today. whenever i stop and am alone with my own thoughts i find myself blinking back tears. today is the last day of work for partner. she and i have weathered the software company storm together for the past 4 years. it’s going to be hard to see her go. it’s going to be even harder to not see her come in on monday morning.

sure we have our own creative venture and all, but it’s not the same. the fact that i made it through the layoff and she didn’t, still stuns me.

never in my life have i ever worked with someone so well. partner and i can communicate ideas without even speaking. she has been the one to illustrate my words for the past four years. and more than a co-worker she’s been my friend. i will miss her terribly.

and then, as if this wasn’t enough to shatter me on this very sad day, webboy has to come over and tell me that he has resigned his position. he got a swanky new job at target. as a consolation he promises to take me there, and let be abuse his discount.

today, i feel so left behind.

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