keeping my head out of the oven, a list of things to be happy about because i feel like i need a reminder

  • i cried like a baby while watching “Brother’s Keeper,” which means i’m probably still alive
  • jonas or roland or delbert aka the unnamed iPod should be here sometime this week
  • my writing group in their supporting role as therapist said it was ok to be scattered and unsure and weirded out what with all the stuff going on and trying to figure out the BIG THINGS and they said i should probably not be so hard on myself.
  • only two more weeks left in the Sloppy Joe Bowling Tournament
  • i spent an entire half hour writing, writing fiction, it is a miracle
  • i can still write multi-paragraphed e-mails to the artguy about nothing at all and know he’ll respond even when i call him dieter spank my monkey
  • greenbag starburst jellybeans

that’s all i can think of, and i think that might be enough.

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  1. The Mighty Tim 08.Mar.05 at 5:09 pm

    When I feel blue, I find watching Sesame Street very therapeutic. Everyone is nice there, you see, friendly neighbors and all that. Nobody is mean, and they always make time to play or help one another. And sometimes they sing songs. It’s a nice place to visit…not that I’d want to live there.