a drunken conversation from the cabin

an actual conversation from saturday afternoon, while drunk [this occured before the burnt lasagna and the movie marathon]
“you mean you could have just gone over there an had sex?” FFJ asked.
“yes,” i said.
“the sex was guaranteed?”
“man,” she said. “i can’t believe you turned down the booty call. what were you thinking?”
“i know! i wasn’t thinking.”
“he’s cute?”
“yes, very cute.”
“and you like him?” she asked.
“yeah, i like him.”
“hell, i don’t know if i’d turn down a booty call from someone i don’t like,” she said. “guaranteed sex, sheesh.”

thus we decided i might be the stupidest person on earth.

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  1. heather 20.Sep.04 at 11:29 am

    don’t feel bad, i’ve been turning down the guaranteed sex for over a year now. i think that makes me the idiot.

  2. Thomas 20.Sep.04 at 1:30 pm

    My wife has you both beat! she’s been turning down sex off and on for 6 years now.

  3. FFJ 20.Sep.04 at 2:17 pm

    i am offically naming myself Lead Supervisor Team Manager VIP of the jodiverse call center. next time that booty call comes, i’ll make sure the call gets the special handling it needs.