well i walked out of work and i was tired as hell

i’d have never made it through the night if it weren’t for the beauty of the replacements. hell, i’d have never made it through these past two weeks without the replacements.

this may come as a surprise to most everyone, but i don’t listen to the replacements too often. really, i don’t. sure i listen to tons of solo westerberg, but i listened to so much of the replacements so often in my early to mid twenties that i just sort of put them on the shelf with my high school yearbooks and the photo albums from college.

but when i pimped out ruby with the 12-CD changer, i made a CD of the replacements greatest hits according to me. so sometime last week when i was in full-on freak out mode, i dialed up ye olde ‘mats in ruby and it was like walking right into a hug. their music is the smile with my name on it.

and tonight when i was working on the project that has been brewing and bubbling to a frenzy for the past two weeks, i turned right back to the replacements to soothe this savage streessed-out beast. it worked like a charm and i’ve gotten about 95% of the work that’s due tomorrow done.

and now, as i type this and paul sings about skyways that don’t move at all like subways, i can feel the knots in my back and shoulders start to loosen.

best of all, i just sent a note to the bossman telling him i’m cancelling my morning dentist appointment and sleeping in.

god i feel so fucking accomplished and relieved.

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  1. Robin 25.Jun.04 at 8:47 am

    In one of your vast moments of free time (HA! I know – you can slap me if you’d like), I’d love to see the track list for your ‘Mats best-of. I did a 2-CD set a few years ago to introduce one of my friends to them. We could do a little compare n’ contrast.