stubborn and frustrated

even though heather’s jeremy’s kindly offered to help me get ogden and oberon to each other, i had decided i could figure it out myself.

i was wrong. i’m so frustrated i’m grinding my teeth.

i have managed to get them both hooked up to the internet, so if i were so inclined i could do great gobs of internet surfing at the moment. but i can’t for the life of me, get access to oberon’s files from ogden.

this is the time when i chuck it all, and swear off computers. i got a typewriter, right?

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  1. heather 21.Mar.04 at 1:41 am

    just ask him already. sheesh. he’s offered!

  2. Joots 21.Mar.04 at 1:33 pm

    Long live the pen and pad!!!!

    (I say this only as one who is slaved to technology but fails to understand why it works/doesn’t work and that more often than not I’ve just knocked something loose.)

  3. Andy 21.Mar.04 at 3:30 pm

    There are several very small software programs that will allow you to accomplish your desire. One serial or ethernet cable and you have your own network!
    Check on CNET or TUCOWS to find what fits…

  4. Thomas 22.Mar.04 at 7:03 am

    Or… contact a techie and have him/her talk you through how to turn on file sharing through your network settings. Make sure you have the box checked that says “I want to share files with other users on my network”, reboot, then right click on the folder (directory for us “old timers”) that has the data you want shared (you can do this to the “C” drive too) and go to the sharing options. Once you’ve shared the resource, reboot both computers (allowing the computer with the share to complete the boot process first) then browse the “My Network” folder on the new PC, and you should see the other computer with the shared resource.

    If it was a conversation, it would go like this.

    (Ob)eron: “I have files I want to share, but I don’t know how.”
    (J)odi: “Here, this is how you share files.”
    Ob: “OK, let me restart so I can make it work”
    Ob: “I know how to share files, but I have nothing to share.”
    J: “Here are the files I want you to share”
    Ob: “OK. I really should restart again.”
    (Og)den: “Yeah, I want to see his files, so I’ll restart too.”
    Ob: “Here are my files… Anyone? Anyone?”
    Og: “Lemme look here on my network connection…”
    Ob: “If it helps, I’m”
    Og: “I see you now in ‘My Network.’ I can see the folder! I can!”
    J: “Thank you, ‘creepy stalker!'”