the evil munchkin interlude

about once a day the evil munchkin must seek me out to bug me, luckily i like him so it’s not so annoying. today he strolled by my cell and spotted my brand-new, uber-swanky trix rabbit bobble head.

“AHHH! you replaced the toys i stole with the trix rabbit!”
“no, i didn’t!” i said, “i can’t replace those toys my friend who died gave them to me.”

i watched as the evil munchkin’s face crumbled.

“no!” and i started laughing.
“oh good, i was just about to feel really bad.”
“i know that’s why i had to give up the joke.”

“are you ever going to come get those toys?”
“i don’t want to go back into dirty R&D it scares me.”
“well, people are really enjoying the blue’s clues stampers.”
“you are letting those dirty people touch my stuff?”
“yes and as soon as i tell them they are jodi chromey’s they start to lick them.”
“ewww. . . ”

yeah, then we went on to discuss how i really need a haircut because i am starting to look like a mushroom and then we talked about how mushrooms sometimes look like penises and then he left.

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  1. Thomas 01.Jul.02 at 3:07 pm

    The mushroom fungus actually lives under the surface of the ground. The part people pick and eat is the reproductive organ, spewing it’s spores to the four winds. Combine that with the shape the organ has and soon the awful truth is realized.

    The part of the mushroom we eat is actually a big old fungus schlong. Bon appetit!

  2. Anonymous 01.Jul.02 at 7:41 pm

    Thomas is starting to creep me out.

  3. Thomas 02.Jul.02 at 7:44 am

    Wow! Usually I don’t creep people out this soon.

    The mushroom thing was instilled in my head by a Catholic high school biology teacher. He had issues with mushrooms and felt it was his Don Quixote-esque mission to replicate his repressed homophobic fears of the fungus in all his students. I still eat the stupid things, but not if I think about them beforehand.

    But at any rate, sorry to creep people out.